Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dividend Income May 2013

May 2013 has come and gone. During the month, passive income through dividends having been paid to me.
The total for this month is  $180.83

Every month I continue to add capital to my savings and investing accounts. I also DRIP some stocks to "average down" a few investments to lower my yield on cost. I would like to add more stable blue stocks to more portfolio that pay a decent yield.

I will update my dividend tab with the above total.


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  1. Nice dividends. I predict next month you will make over $200! Which stable blue chip stocks are you thinking about adding to your portfolio? :D I think the banking sector will do quite well in the second half of this year :)

    1. Liquid,

      I am thinking about the banking sector as the Canadians banks are good dividend payers and most pay over 4% yield. Right now some REITs have dropped a lot recently an possibly thinking about averaging down.