Investing account

The market value of the companies are updated as they happen, but with a 20 minute delay. All the positions listed below are stocks, ETFs or REITs purchased for this stock portfolio.  All other numbers will be updated manually one a month. The values listed in the table for options is the premium received minus commissions.

This first sheet of the spreadsheet are Canadian positions. The second sheet of the spreadsheet are US positions.  Please note, towards the bottom of the "Canadian Stocks" sheet is the Total portfolio balance in Canadian Dollars.

The US stock portfolio was introduced on Nov 2, 2019.  I have owned this stock since 2012. The USD cash amount was always included in the cash line as combined Canadian dollars.  The market value will now be included going forward.

As of time of July 6, 2024 , the value of the portfolio is $226101.47 CAD.



  1. I also own lots of the companies in your portfolio, namely: BNS, BCE, Dundee, EMera, JE, SJR, Cominar,

    Looking to eventually add Enbridge and might consider Killam.

    Not a fan of Enerplus. Dividend payout is too high and unsure the future of the company.

  2. $25000 Dividends,

    I am not a big fan of Enerplus. I initially bought Enerplus with 100% borrowed money a few times and made a quick couple of hundred dollars. So I decided to try my luck again and the stock price kept falling and falling and then cut their dividend.

    I currently hold it as want to lower my cost basis though DRIP and decrease my losses.

  3. We share a couple of the same companies. We are probably from the same hood! Take care and props to you on your investing adventure!

    1. JohnnyCa$h,

      The Canadian banks and Enbridge are stocks are great stocks to have in a portfolio that is for sure. Any Canadian mutual fund or etf with a canadian equities in it, likely has these in the top 10 holdings.. The other companies are average companies but they have great payouts.

  4. Kees ( The Netherlands )July 9, 2021 at 4:52 AM

    Wat is betekenis van de kleuren in je sheet ?

    1. The orange are positions that are directly with transfer agent. That is buying stocks the old way, where I got an actual stock certificate in my name. These 2 positions are grouped with my other non-registered investments (no color) indicated in spreadsheet.

      The green color are my positions in my Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA). This a registered account. This account is similar to a ROTH IRA in the United States.