Investing account

The market value of the companies are updated as they happen, but with a 20 minute delay. All the positions listed below are stocks, ETFs or REITs purchased on the Toronto Stock Exchange.  All other numbers will be updated manually one a month. The values listed in the table for options is the premium received minus commissions.

As of February 6,  2019, the value of the portfolio is $118398.98.



  1. I also own lots of the companies in your portfolio, namely: BNS, BCE, Dundee, EMera, JE, SJR, Cominar,

    Looking to eventually add Enbridge and might consider Killam.

    Not a fan of Enerplus. Dividend payout is too high and unsure the future of the company.

  2. $25000 Dividends,

    I am not a big fan of Enerplus. I initially bought Enerplus with 100% borrowed money a few times and made a quick couple of hundred dollars. So I decided to try my luck again and the stock price kept falling and falling and then cut their dividend.

    I currently hold it as want to lower my cost basis though DRIP and decrease my losses.

  3. We share a couple of the same companies. We are probably from the same hood! Take care and props to you on your investing adventure!

    1. JohnnyCa$h,

      The Canadian banks and Enbridge are stocks are great stocks to have in a portfolio that is for sure. Any Canadian mutual fund or etf with a canadian equities in it, likely has these in the top 10 holdings.. The other companies are average companies but they have great payouts.