Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Portfolio Update Feb 2014

Feb 2014 has come and gone. It is time to update my portfolio. There was no purchases made this month except shares being dripped.

The following stocks were DRIPPED.
 - Enerplus 2 shares @$22.11
 - Just Energy 6 shares @ $8.455

This past month BCE  (Bell Canada Enterprises) and THI (Tim Horton's) increased their dividend. BCE increased theirs by 6% whereas Tim Horton's increased theirs by 23%.

The current value of my portfolio is $60822.90. This represents an increase of 4.51 percent.

I will update my investment tab spread sheet.

Disclosure:  Long ERF, JE


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  1. Hi IP,

    60,822 USD is a good amount for an dividend-portfolio.
    But next year, you´ll go up to 80,000 USD I think so...

    My last purchase (yesterday) was Philip morris.
    I have purchased 20 shares of PM.
    The first dividend will come at April, 11.

    Best whishes!

  2. Growing dividends are a beautiful thing Pursuits. Thanks for the update