Saturday, August 2, 2014

Portfolio Update - July 2014

The month of July 2014 is now behind us. The market is up a lot so I am trying to be more selective in choosing equities. I made a couple of trades this past month. The first trade was selling another put option in Roger's Communications Class B stock, which you can read about here. A second trade that I made has not been posted yet. I plan on talking about that trade within a few days.

I also increase a few of my holdings via DRIP. The increases are small, but increases my dividend income and ownership in these companies without paying broker commissions. Just Energy changed its dividend from monthly to quarterly so there was no dividend paid this month to reinvest.

            - 1 share of Killam Properties (KMP.TO) in TFSA.
            - 0.100439  shares of BNS 

As of Aug 2, 2014, the value of my portfolio stands at $71080.30. This is an increase of 0.776% over last month.

I have updated my investment account tab above.

Disclosure: Long KMP.TO, BNS.TO, JE.TO


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