Friday, September 2, 2016

Portfolio Update - August 2016

     The month of August 2016 is now behind us.  One of the major issues still facing the world is the low price of a barrel of crude oil, which is currently below $45.00 a barrel. This creates uncertainty in many oil producing regions especially in Canada. 

     On Aug 21, I wrote about purchasing 300 units of Dream REIT (D.UN ) in my margin account, which you can read about here.  This brings my total units of D.UN in my margin account to 600 units. The previous 300 units I have owned for awhile, which I didn't count as income.  The REIT pays a monthly distribution of $0.125 per unit.  These 600 units will pay me a distribution of $75.00 a month, which will be counted in my dividend income updates starting for the month of September.

    On Aug 28,  I wrote about option trades involving Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan (POT) and Royal Bank (RY).  I currently do not own shares of Royal Bank.  Agrium  and POT, which are competitors in potash mining space, have announced they are in merger talks.  This lead to a increase the stock price of POT to over $23 a share on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

    On Aug 28, I wrote about a new purchase in IAMGOLD Corporation, which you can read about here.  By clicking on the linking, you can read about my actions as the stock has fallen from my purchase price of $5.84 per share.

    Last month I initiated a position in HNY, which is the Horizons Natural Gas Yield ETF.  I recently sold my units at a small profit, and then re-initiated a position today of 100 units at a price of $15.80 per unit for a total cost of $1580.35 including commissions.

As of Sept 1 2016, the value of the portfolio is  $94743.50.  This is a 2.186% increase over last month's total.  The spreadsheet in the investment tab above has been updated.

Disclosure: Long  all mentioned securities.


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  1. Great job! Will be above $100k before you know it! Keep rocking

    1. Passive Income Dude,

      It has been a slow and steady grind. But I will get there soon.