Sunday, October 9, 2016

Portfolio Update - Sept 2016

     The month of September 2016 is now behind us.  One of the major issues still facing the world is the low price of a barrel of crude oil, which is currently below $44 a barrel for WTI Crude Oil. This creates uncertainty in many oil producing regions especially in Canada. 

      I wrote about selling 2 put option contracts in TD Bank, which you can read about here. This option expired as the price of the stock never fell below the strike price on or before expiration.  I get to keep the premium of $38.05 after commissions, which represents a return of 0.34% for 24 days.  The represents a annual return of 5.12%.  Currently, the interest rate on my high interest savings account is currently is 0.80%.

    On September 13, I decided to average down on my position of Cominar REIT inside my TFSA.  I purchased 123 units at $16.16 per unit for a total cost of $1992.71 including commissions.  Cominar REIT is third largest REIT in Canada.

Cominar Real Estate Investment Trust is the third largest diversified real estate investment trust in Canada and currently remains the largest property owner in the Province of Québec. The REIT owns a real estate portfolio of 538 high-quality properties that cover a total area of 44.8 million square feet in Québec, Ontario, the Atlantic Provinces and Western Canada. Cominar's objectives are to pay growing cash distributions to unitholders and to maximise unitholder value by way of proactive management. (Cominar REIT Investor Relations)
     Cominar REIT current pays $0.1225 monthly per unit or $1.47 per share annually.  Therefore this purchase represents $180.81 increase to my annual dividend income.

      On September 16, the 3 put options contracts on IAMGold stock did not get assigned as the price of the stock remained above 5 dollars at or before expiration. On October 19 , I wroted a covered call for IAMGold Stock for 3 contracts at a $6.00 strike price.  I collected a premium of $38.05 after commissions.  On October 20, I sold 3 put option contracts with a strike price of $5.00.  Again, I collected a premium of $38.05 after commissions.

      On September 30, the put options in Royal Bank and TD Bank were not assigned as the price of these stocks stayed above the strike price on or before expiration.  On October 3, I sold a put option on Royal Bank with a strike price of $79.00 and expiration date of October 28, 2016.  I collected a premium of $59.05 after commissions.
      On September 25, I wrote about closing my position in Sherritt International,, which you can read about here.  This company is a nickel mine with operations in Canada, Cuba and Madagascar.

 Shares Acquired Through DRIP

0.164 Shares of ENB.TO @ $50.61 for a total cost of $8.30

As of October 9 2016, the value of the portfolio is $90201.01.  This is a 4.794% decrease over last month's total.  The spreadsheet in the investment tab above has been updated.

Disclosure: Long  all mentioned securities.


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