Saturday, December 31, 2016

Portfolio Update - December 2016

       The month of December  2016 is now behind us. The price of barrel of crude oil currently trades at approximately $53.00 per barrel for WTI barrel of crude oil.

       I currently own shares in the Bank of Montreal (BMO) which trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange announced a dividend increase prior to market opening on Dec 6.  I own 35 shares of BMO and the dividend increase is more than welcome.  I get rewarded with increasing dividends for just being a shareholder.  This is the beauty of dividend growth investing.  The company does all the work and I receive a dividend payment every 3 months for just being a shareholder.  When the company is doing well, they will increase the dividend as this is what investors are looking for as a dividend growth investor.

   I wrote about selling covered calls in IAMGOLD (IMG.TO) on December 10.  I currently own 900 shares of this stock and the stock does not pay a dividend.  I sold 9 covered call contracts and collected a premium of $242.05 after commissions.  The contracts had 8 days to expiration after the calls were sold. This option expired worthless, so I ended up keeping the premium of $242.05 for being the option seller.

   Option expiration day is, for the most part, occurs on the 3rd Friday of each month.  I had 3 options expired without being assigned.  I got to keep the premium for all 3 option trades as I was the option seller in each case.

    I sold 2 call contracts of Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan (POT).  I actually ended up selling 4 contracts of POT as my brokerage put the order in twice. I bought to cover 2 call contracts as a result of my brokerage put in my order twice.  To read about this trade, you can click here. The 2 covered call contracts that I continued to own expired on Dec 30.

   I completed my trading for the year which involved 30 trades in total, which you can read about here.  You can also see all my trades by clicking on the trading tab above.

   To close out the month of December, I decided to sell covered calls in IMG.TO again.  The strike price is $5.00 and the expiration day is January 20.  I collected a net premium of $413.05 selling these covered calls, which you can read about here.

Shares Acquired Through DRIP

1 Unit of CUF.UN.TO @ $14.59 for a total cost of $14.59           (TFSA)
1 Unit of CUF.UN.TO @ $14.37 for a total cost of $14.37      (TFSA)

4 Unit of D.UN.TO @ $18.8335 for a total cost of $75.33  (Margin Account)

0.150 shares of ENB @ $55.93 for a total cost of $8.39  (Transfer agent )

Cominar REIT (CUF,UN.TO) paid a distribution on the December 15 and a second distribution on December 30.  This is the reason for 2 separate DRIP purchases within the same month.  CUF.UN.TO will not pay a distribution in mid January.

As of Dec  31,  2016, the value of the portfolio is $101,049.54.  This is a 5.08%  increase over last month's total.  The spreadsheet in the investment tab above has been updated.

Edit:  Transforce Inc has changed their name to Transforce International Inc after shareholder approval.  On December 30, their stock symbol on the Toronto Stock Exchange was changed from TFI to TFII, which is reflected on the spreadsheet. 

Edit:  The portfolio value has been corrected $101049.54.  Inside my margin account, I have my trading account and a portion tied to savings. I forgot to subtract these balances.

 Disclosure:   Long IMG.TO, POT

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  1. That's an incredible increase from last month's total. Great work! I just published my DEC passive income total as well. Thanks for sharing,

    1. Passive Income Dude,

      Thanks for dropping by. The wording of question got me thinking lol. The balance from last month was not as great as I apparently forgot to subtract my trading account and savings balance that I hold within the margin account. Still over 5% increase through.

  2. Awesome job and awesome monthly increase. Happy New Year

    1. Dividendsandhobbies,

      Apparently I forgot to subtract my savings balance and trading account balance, which are held inside the margin account, from my investing account balance. Therefore the increase is only slightly greater than 5% instead of greater than 9%.

      On the positive side, I will take the increase as it is better than a decrease :).

      Happy New Year