Saturday, April 1, 2017

Recent Sale


    On March 25th, I wrote about WestJet Airlines Ltd, which you can read about here.  In that post I stated that I might sell my shares of WestJet Airlines Ltd  (ticker symbol:  WJA.TO).  I set a trailing stop limit order on March 29 and the order got filled at $22.96.

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     The trade summary indicates I made total gain of $68.92.  The sale of the shares occurred on March 29, so I was the owner of the shares on the record date for their most recent dividend payment on March 31.  I received 2 dividend payments from WJA.TO while I owned the 140 shares. WJA.TO currently pays a $0.14 per share quarter dividend. so I received $39.20 in dividends.

Total Return = Total Profit / Money in
                      = ($68.29 + $39.20) / $3140.04
                      = 3.42%

    Airline stocks are very volatile as lots of factors affect their bottom line. When people choose to fly, they more than often compare ticket prices of airlines and the time of day of departures and arrivals.  WJA is based out of Calgary, Alberta which is headquarters of a lot of oil and gas companies.  With the economy of Alberta in an ongoing recession for over 2 years, the airline had to reduce the amount of flights and add more flights and destinations elsewhere to maintain their bottom line.

    WJA closed Friday March 31 at $22.80 per share. The stock is down  0.52% over the last 6 months. 

      If the stock falls below $22.00 per share, I will strongly considering buying the stock again.  WJA has a long track record of profitability and will grow their revenues as they add more destinations and more flights to their arsenal.

      I will update my investment tab spreadsheet shortly to reflect this sale.

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