Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Recent Dividend Increase

    As I go about my daily life, I am amazed at people who through money away.  I have worked with so many people, who can not wait to get their paycheck.  They have plans before they even get the money.  These types of people are broke within a couple days of receiving their pay check.  These type of people complain about power bills saying the power company is robbing us blind.  I often hear things like "Those greedy bastards make millions of dollars in profits this quarter".   I usually say things like, "Instead of complaining about their profits, "Why don't you invest in the power company to get a piece of their profits?"
   I like many others, like to make money while I sleep.  I own shares in a utility company called Emera Inc., whose ticker symbol is EMA.  Emera trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange.  Every time someone in Nova Scotia flicks on a light switch, Emera makes money. Emera has operations in other provinces,  the United States, and some other countries.


      The board of directors of EMA recently announced a dividend increase of $0.17 annually.
The dividend is increasing from $2.09 per share per year to $2.26 per year.  This represents an increase of 8.13%.   This increase is well above an increase in inflation.

       I own 100 shares of EMA and therefore my annual dividend income will increase by $17.00.  This is equivalent of my investing $485.71 of my own money.

       I have owned EMA for a few years now and have been rewarded with multiple dividend increases over years.

Disclosure:  Long EMA

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  1. Very nice increase! Enjoy those divies :)

    1. Dividend Income Stocks,

      Thanks for dropping by. I have owned this EMA for years and it has been a great holding for me. I believe it was 2012 when I started my position. EMA is the parent company of Nova Scotia Power also, so I wanted a share of the profits since I was lived their for 75% of my life. I live in Western Canada now.