Saturday, November 20, 2021

Dividend Income From Some Canadian Bloggers - October 2021

 On October 26, the federal cabinet was sworn in at Rideau Hall.  There was a lot of people named to cabinet for the first time and ministers were moved to other departments.

One of the major changes was the naming of Steven Guilbeault was named the new minister of Environment in Climate Change.  Steven Guilbeault is best known as his role as an environmental activist. 

The former minister of Environment and Climate Change, Jonathan Wilkinson, was moved to Natural Resources.  

This is viewed by some as Canada making climate change even more a priority. What happened this summer in British Columbia was an eye opener for many people.

In British Columbia this summer,  residents experienced a large amount of wildfires combined with a heat dome.  A small community in British Columbia, Lytton, set a new temperature record in Canada at 49.6°C one day and next day burned to the ground in a very short amount of time.  A heat dome is a prolonged heat wave in which the temperatures do not cool down at night. The heat dome also affected Alberta.  

The price of goods has increased drastically.  This is due to government spending during the COVID19 pandemic and the current global shipping backlog.  The global shipping backlog was brought on by the pandemic.  During the lockdowns across the globe, entire plants and factories were shut down.  

Some of the major things going on with the world will effect the stock market going forward. 

Let's get to the list of dividend income from some Canadian bloggers for October 2021. Of course, I first want to mention my own dividend income report.

All About The Dividends received $644.05 in dividend income and added over $25.60 in forward dividend income via DRIPs.  

Passive Canadian Income received $1646.35 in total passive income in October 2021.  The amount of dividend income received was $913.36  and dripped 18 new shares.

My Dividend Snowball received $4684.35 in total passive income in October 2021.  The amount of dividend income received was $4090.98.   

Reverse The Crush received $77.82 in dividend income in October 2021.  This is a 91% YoY increase.  

Our Life Financial received $3916.00 in total dividend income and 70 new shares via DRIP.  Also in the post, Our Life Financial mentions her new purchases during the month of October 2021.      

Moneymaaster received $1343.54 in dividend income and dripped 52 new shares/units to boost his future dividend income. 

My Own Advisor and Gen Y Money shared their individual dividend income updates with the world.  Although their actual amount of dividend income received in October is not mentioned, there is some great information in their respective posts.    

Fire We Go, via a You Tube video, received $1053.98 in dividend income for the month of October 2021.  


We all started with $0.00 of passive income and have grown our investments over time. Each "BUY" transaction can provide ongoing dividend income which may also be increased over time.

In Canada and the United States, many brokerage accounts offer commission free trades and/or commission free ETFs. You can get started on your investing journey with very little money.


I am not a financial planner, financial advisor, accountant or tax attorney. The information on this blog represents my own thoughts and opinions and should NOT be taken as investment or business advice.

Every individual should do their due diligence to make their own financial decisions based on their
 financial situation


  1. wow great totals everyone. the list and incomes is getting larger!

    thx pursuit

    1. It was great to put the list together. Shows people are improving their lives financially with each passing month.