Friday, January 28, 2022

Savings Hack - Update #1

I recently wrote about a Savings Hack, and that trade #4 was still open. 

Trade #4 was a covered call expiring January 21, 2022.  The covered call was on ATD.TO with a strike price of $49.  I received a net premium of $139.05.  This option expired worthless as the stock traded below $49 at expiration.

After that post,  I did another trade. 

On January 24, I sold 1 Jan 28 2021 $49 Call at $0.55.  I received net premium of $44.05 after commissions.

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On January 28th, the option was assigned as it traded in the money at expiration.  When selling a call option, an option trading in the money means it trades above the strike price. 


In the original Savings Hack article, trade number 2 is the ATD.TO purchase of 100 shares.  

Initial cost:  = $4829.95 
Option Assignment fee = $24.95
Net Option Premium = $44.05
Proceeds of Sale =  $4900.00

Profit =  Proceeds + premium - assignment fee - initial cost
         = $4900.00 + $44.05 - $24.95 - $4829.95
         = $89.15

This is capital gain I will report on taxes for the completion of this trade.

As per the above linked article, I transferred $300.18 to my savings.  This $89.15 will be sent to my savings account.  So that is a total of $389.33 to my savings.


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