Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dividend Income for Aug 2013

August 2013 has come and gone. During the month, passive income through dividends having been paid to me.
The total for this month is  $182.84.

Not included in this amount is a distribution payment from Dundee REIT in my margin account. This is a trade and all income will stay in this account to help grow the cash in this account to be used for investing or transferred to the TFSA for the same purpose. As this a trade, I am treating it different. Currently, I take 30% of all my income from job, investing and interest from savings and pay myself first . If money is left over at the end of the month, then I put this amount into my investing account.

Currently, the income received from Dundee REIT in the margin account is $91.47 after 3 months. As indicated in the above paragraph this entire money is staying in the account or be transferred to the TFSA account.

I will update my dividend tab with the above  total.


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