Monday, October 21, 2013

A New Record..

Recently on Oct 15, I had my highest one day total of dividends and distributions (as I own a few REITs)..

 I received a total of $149.26 in dividends and distributions. Of this $149.26 total, $56.00 is from a swing trade I have which will not be counted in my monthly dividend update. That is $149.26 I got paid for just being an owner of high quality companies.

Also, Emera recently increased its dividend to 1.45 per share. This represents a 3.57 percent increase in the dividend which is equivalent of a 3.57 percent raise for doing little to no work. Gotta love it and other companies I own will likely have a bigger dividend increase.


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  1. Way to go IP,
    It's great to hit those new milestones. They keep us focused on the future, which will look very bright given a little bit of time.

    1. Hey Brian,

      Yes, it is always good to reach the new milestones. As you said it definitely keeps me focused on what I am doing and doing more positive things with my income.

  2. Nice going dude :D Glad the swing trade worked out for you. I bet when you update your portfolio next time you'll be over the $50K mark! Most of the stocks you own have a history of growing dividends over time so you should do well to just continue what you're doing :)

    1. Hey Liquid,

      I am still in the swing trade with Dundee REIT. As of right now, I am down approximately 11% on this trade excluding the distributiions. I have received a total of $203.47 in distributions while I wait. Definitely makes it easy to sleep at night as Dundee REIT is not going to disappear any time soon.