Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Name Changes

A blog that I follow, which is on my blog roll, has recently changed their website and gave it a new name.  Dividend Stock Fish (DSF) changed the name of his blog to www.stocksnowball.com. DSF also did a make over of his website. DSF also has a You Tube channel with a lot of great videos.

Dundee REIT has changed its name to Dream Office REIT. This took place in May 2014. The company still trades under its same ticker symbol. As of right now, they are in the process of making a new website but their old one for www.dundeereit.com.

I will update my blog roll and portfolio tab with the changes.


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  1. The only constant in this world, is change.

  2. Hi Investing Pursuits, Thanks for the kind words.

    1. No problem DSF

      I find your videos are good and your posts are well written and informative.