Saturday, June 7, 2014

Weekend Reading - 2014 June 7

Another work week has been completed.  The stock market keeps marching higher and higher with little drops along the way.  This means an investor has to work even harder to find good quality stocks trading at reasonable prices. An investor must narrow their list of stocks to consider buying at this time and then research the company and its fundamentals in depth.

During this week, a few articles the I read that I would like to share from fellow bloggers.

Dividend Mantra, who has recently left his job in Florida to move to Michigan to be closer to is family, posted an article entitled Extreme Frugality Revisited.  Dividend Mantra is making sacrifices right now in his life to be closer to his family and doing things he enjoys.  One of his passions, is writing and inspiring people. It will be surprising to know that he actually stopped blogging for 3 months a few years ago and wasn't sure he was going to blog again.

Liquid Independence over at recently published a Fiscal Update for May 2014.  Liquid recently received his semi-annual rent check for his farms he leases to a tenant farmer in north eastern Saskatchewan, Canada. This  fiscal updates on a monthly basis shows how an average income earner can grow their wealth more quickly using leverage.

The Loonie Bin Blog recently posted a Dividend Income update for May 2014.  This individual won't invest unless he comes across a stock trading with  a decent price.

Over at $25000 Dividends, shared his Dividend Income Update for May 2014.

Dividend Stock Fish (DSF) recently posted a video on YouTube about DRIP - Dividend Reinvestment Plan  .  In the video, DSF also shows some of the resources he uses to find information about various dividend paying stocks.  I DRIP a few stocks in my brokerage accounts and 2 stocks directly with the transfer agent.

Kraig, over at Create My Independence, recently published a podcast  where he discusses some questions people struggle with in their lives. Kraig, in the last year, decided to leave is job and start his own business.

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  1. Thanks for the mention. It almost feels a bit like 2007 again with the stock market. I wonder how long this upward trend can last. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

    1. I'm just glad I'm not the only one, Liquid

  2. Thanks for mentioning my site. Crazy how high this market is going!