Monday, September 1, 2014

Portfolio Update - August 2014

The month of August 2014 is now behind us. The stock market keeps going higher and the S&P 500 went over 2000.  I try to sell a put option in Roger's again by placing a limit order with a September 20th , 2014 expiration date and a $42 strike price.  This was not executed.

I made a small purchase in my TFSA with the small amount of cash that was sitting in the account. I decide to put it too work and took advantage of free commission ETF offered by my broker. I purchased 11 shares of Claymore 1-5 Yr Laddered Corporation Bond ETF on the Toronto Stock Exchange, which you can read about here.  The ticker symbol is CBO.  I didn't purchased before the ex-dividend date so I did not receive a distribution for the month of August.

I also acquired 1 more share of Killam properties in my TFSA via DRIP at a cost of $10.60. 

The big news for the month of August is the announcement of Burger King purchasing Tim Horton's for 12.5 Billion.  I currently own 100 shares of Tim Horton's.  I recently wrote a post on the 3 options of current shareholder of Tim Horton's have on the table.

As of Sept 2, 2014, the value of my portfolio stands at $75175.32. This is an increase of 5.761% over last month. This increase in mostly due to Tim Horton's going up from $65.00 to over $87.00 a share due to the announcement of being bought by Burger King.

Click to Enlarge (Tim Horton's Toronto Stock exchange)

I have updated my investment account tab above.

Disclosure: Long KMP.TO, THI.TO, CBO.TO, RCI.B.TO


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  1. IP,

    Gotta love that Tim Hortons jump, but that leaves you in a bit of a quandary.

    Congrats on the excellent progress thus far. A portfolio worth over $75,000 puts you in rarefied company when you think about global wealth. :)

    Keep up the great work!

    Best wishes.

    1. DM,

      It is nice to see the jump in Tim Horton's stock price. It is a difficult choice to make at this time. Burger King had to borrow alot of money to buy Tim Horton's including Warren Buffett financing some of it. My concern with Tim Horton's being a cash cow, that they will use this money to pay down that massive debt instead of awarding shareholders. Some people of note who have sold their shares upon the announcement are Kevin O'Leary (personal account) and Derek Foster. This is my 4th take over that I have to be part of in my young investing career.

      My portfolio keeps chugging a long spitting out dividends monthly..

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