Sunday, September 21, 2014

Recent Buys

Recently, I made 2 new purchases.  As I recently sold off my Tim Horton's shares as I feel the new company will not be as shareholder friendly. The acquisition by Burger King will be heavily financed with borrowed money. So I believe that most of the profits from Tim Horton's will be used to pay down the debt instead of rewarding shareholders with dividend increases by the new created company, which is yet to be named.

On September 19, I purchased 1000 shares of Bombardier  Inc Class B   at $3.60 per share. The total cost was $3613.45.  The commission is quite high at $13.45.  I e-mailed my brokerage firm to find out why I am charged $3.50 extra in fees.  I am usually charged  a small amount extra for ECN fees but never that much. 

I recently traded Bombardier Inc Class B within the last couple of months, which you can read about here .

Inside my TFSA, I added to my holding in CBO.TO on Sept 17, 2014.  CBO is Claymore's iShares 1-5 year laddered coporate bond etf.  The purchase of certain ETFs have free commission whereas the investor only has to pay additional ECN related fees.  I purchased 3 mores shares of CBO.TO at $19.52 per share for a total of $58.57 including the fee charged of $0.01.  I now have 14
shares of CBO.

I will update my investment tab in early October with the new purchases.

Disclosure:  Long BBD.B , CBO


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  1. I too am thinking of selling my Tim Hortons shares with the buyout looming. Up 50% so I cant complain. Now what to put it into!!!!

  2. Asset-Grinder,

    For me, this buyout with all the leverage needed for the transaction leads me to believe that the new company that will be formed will not be shareholder friendly in terms of rewarding shareholders with dividends that are increase yearly. Burger is not very popular among the fast food behemoths.