Saturday, November 29, 2014

Weekend Reading - November 29 2014

As the weekend is coming to an end, it is time to share some of the posts I read over the last week that some of you readers might find interesting.

Dividend Mantra recently published an article title Is Managing A Large Dividend Growth Stock Portfolio Time Consuming.  I agree with Dividend Mantra, you need to do a lot of research up front for positions before you make an initial purchase. Depending on level of risk of an investment, an investor has to follow the news and financial reports when it comes to an investment with a higher level of risk.

Sharpe Trade published a few articles this week that I found were good.  Sharpe Trade is a new website that aims to educate people about the capital markets.  There are several people involved in this site, including 2 that are very active in social media over the years. Brad B, aka Pulling Myself Up, wrote an post on "Dividend Growth Rate: How Growing Income Beats Inflation".  Dan Shy, wrote a educational post about the dividend payout ratio.

Asset-Grinder wrote about his 6 month anniversary with his blog. Asset-Grinder is making great progress in terms of page views and different visitors from all over the world.

Liquid, over at his Freedom Thirty Five Blog, wrote a post about Change.  Newcomers need to become financially aware and learn about investments. The more they learn now, the better they are at making better financial decisions in there future. The past can not predict the future, but if you want to understand where you are at financially and where you want to go, a good starting place is to track your own finances to find out where your money is going.

My Own Advisor posted on his blog a post about titled, "Stop Worrying, Make Your Portfolio Safer, and Choose Better Investments. ". An investor can definitely sleep better at night if they have safer investments.  I have a few high risk investments in Just Energy and Enerplus. These 2 companies are do struggle  a lot and this is reflected in their share price. With the price of  a barrel of crude now in the sixty-five dollar a barrel range this will greatly affected the bottom line for Enerplus. OPEC has stated that they will not meet again for 6 months after meeting this week.  I do not worry about my investments in Emera or Scotia Bank.

Disclosure: Long JE, ERF, EMA, BNS

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  1. Nice collection of posts. Thanks for the mention :)
    Happy Cyber Monday!

    1. Liquid,

      No problem on the mention. Enjoy the rest of the week

  2. Thanks for the updates! Some investments go red for a while until they Bear Fruit. The main key is understanding your company and knowing why it does what it does. take it easy IP

    1. DSF,

      Understanding what a company does is the key to successful investing. When the stock price falls, you have to find out why and do some research. If you still believe in the company and what they are doing, you will benefit over time as a shareholder.