Monday, January 26, 2015


     Who do you associate with? Are your parents upbeat people? Do you parents support and encourage you to pursue your dreams? Do your friends push you to be more successful and pursue your dreams?
"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with" - Jim Rohn
If the five people you spend the most time with are broke, then you will be the sixth.  If the 5 people you spend the most time with are wealthy, then you are more than likely be the sixth.  Try to hang out with people who are more successful than you and will lift you up.  We have know of someone who wanted to start  a business, but as soon as they tell someone, all the individuals hears is something negative. The negatives include such things as "you can't do that !",  "it will never work",  "if it was that easy, everyone else would be doing it.",  or  "you're crazy!!"
       As an investor in dividend paying stocks, people tell me all the time that the stock market is for gamblers. They fail to realize that when an investor buys shares, they become a partial owner in that company.  The ownership means they are help producing products or services, along with helping to create jobs.   If you tell a non-investor that you invest in the stock market, you will likely hear something negative from them over them be supportive and willing to learn from you by asking questions.
        Robert Herjavec, a judge on Shark Tank, and a successful entrepreneur , had a life changing attitude due to a situation with his father.  When Robert came home from school one day, he was complaining as he had a bad day, to which is father replied, " Never complain! Be thankful for what you have and the opportunities that you have".
          So why do I have a blog and follow blogs about personal finance?  I want to be around people who are uplifting and learn from them.  Some people  who are quite upbeat are Jason of Dividend Mantra and Liquid Independence of Freedom Thirty Five Blog.  Jason had recently left his full time job at a car dealership to try make a living from writing. The only thing that seems to upset him is when someone has something negative to say about his diet.  All posts on Dividend Mantra are positive as Jason likes to try to inspire people through his words and to show people the nuts and bolts on how to reach financial independence without a huge salary.  Liquid Independence takes a different approach to investing by using farmland and the markets. Liquid Independence is showing the accumulation of wealth through a different medium than most financial bloggers.
    The financial blogosphere is quite upbeat with people pursuing their goal of acquiring income producing assets to help them become financial independent.
"If you want to change your financial situation, you sometimes have to change your friends." - Darren Weeks.  I heard this quote, the very first time from Darren Weeks and not sure of the actual author.

     Adults tend to do what their friends do such as going to events. We all know people who do things with their friends even though they are not in a a good financial situation. So by reading blogs and having a blog about personal finance, its helps me learn about investing in the markets and to discover other investor's thoughts and approaches. The moral of the story is to choose your environment carefully as it can make a big difference in your life.

I am not a financial planner, financial advisor, accountant or tax attorney. The information on this blog represents my own thoughts and opinions and should not be taken as investment or business advice.

Every individual should do their due diligence to make their own financial decisions based on their financial situation and tolerance for risk.


  1. Nice article!!

    “An investment is simply a gamble in which you’ve managed to tilt the odds in your favor.” - Peter Lynch

    For someone who has not spent time learning about investing, it does seem like gambling! As you point out, one has to understand that buying shares of a company is not a lottery ticket!


    1. Steve,

      Thanks for dropping by. Most people I am around think the stock market is gambling. Some of these same people own mutual funds or ETFs though.

      I have a blog and follow some blogs, as this helps me learn and understand the capital markets better. I am gravitating towards hanging out with more like minded people as it is easier to grow in areas that I want to improve on in my life.

  2. Good post and so true! I would also add what people do in their free time like reading or watching movies. I also like to look at problems from many points of view and challenge it to my view overall I think it helps make me more successful in what i'm trying to accomplish.

    1. DSF,

      Thanks for dropping by. They say that what you do in your spare time between 5pm and 9pm makes you more financially successful then working your 9 to 5. In regards to books, a lot of people tend not to read financial books or self-help books. I actually find the financial books, except text books, easier to read usually.

      There are people who love to watch movies all the time or watch tonnes of TV. I was at a seminar recently, and the presenter said the people with the lowest incomes have the biggest TVs. I have no problem with people watching TV or movies, but a lot of people spend way too much time doing these activities.

      When I read blogs, 99% of the them are positive in nature in regards to personal finance. You get a better understanding of their thought processes and approaches , which may help you in terms of your own financial objectives.