Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Portfolio Update - June 2015

    The month of June is now behind us. The major issue of the month came near the end of June.  The issue with Greece near defaulting on its debt caused the markets to fall dramatically towards the end of the month. The day Greece shut down its banks caused all the stocks on the Dow Jones Industrial Average to finish in negative territory. Greece is to hold a referendum on the issue of its debt in the coming days.
    On June 1, I sold a put option in Roger's Communications Class B stock (RCI.B) with a $42.00 strike price. I currently own 100 shares of RCI.B at a higher price.  The expiry date on this option is June 19, 2015.    

   I decided to make a long term investment inside my Tax Free Savings account.  I averaged down by purchasing more shares of Canadian National Railway, which you can read about here.  Canadian National Railway is often said to be the best run railroad in North America and the company also serve 3 coasts. These coasts are east and west coasts of Canada and the Gulf of Mexico.
    I had two options expiring on June 19. These were put options that were sold in Telus Corp ($40.00 strike price) and RCI.B ($42.00 price).  The put option in Telus Corp expired worthless, but I get to keep the premium regardless if the option is assigned or not.  The put option in RCI.B got assigned as the stock traded below the strike price at expiration. I would of like to have gotten more premium on RCI.B as the option assignment lead to the ACB being slightly over $42.00. I still averaged down on my position in Rogers Communications Class B shares, so it is all good. Currently RCI.B is priced above my ACB for the 200 shares I now own.

   My final transaction of the month was initiating a trade in Sherritt International Corporation. I have traded Sherritt International Corporation (Ticker Symbol : S) in the past a few times.  My entry point of $2.12 is the lowest I ever purchased shares in the stock.
    I did acquire more shares through DRIPs.

Shares added due to drip

2 shares of ERF @ $11.60 for a total of $23.20
1 share of KMP @ $10.09 for a total of  $10.09
14 shares of JE @ $6.52 for a total of $91.28
0.056 shares of ENB @ $58.93 for a total of $3.30

As of  July 1, 2015, the value of my portfolio stands at $78949.62. This is an decrease of 1.510 % over last month. I will update my investing account tab above.

Disclosure: Long KMP, ERF,CNR, RCI.B, ENB, JE

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