Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Recent Buy

     On July 27, China's Shanghai Composite index shed 8.5% overnight. This market pessimism followed over into the North American markets. Lots of stocks fell in value including the some popular stocks in Canada.
      I decided to take action although I didn't have access to a lot of capital. I also wanted to purchase a dividend growth stock that had a good yield.  I had to use margin to help with this transaction.

What Did I Purchase?

     On July 27, I purchased 35 shares of Bank Of Montreal, ticker symbol BMO, on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Total Cost  with commissions = $2532.07
Cash available = $991.83
Margin Used = $1540.24

Money borrowed = 1540.24/2532.07
                             =  60.83%

 The Canadian banks have been known to be some of the best banks in the world. Why would someone want to own shares in a Canadian bank? The reason is the amount of profit the banks make each quarter and for dividends. BMO has been paying a dividend non stop since 1829, which is 186 years.  This company has been paying dividends longer than any other Canadian company.

    Currently the annual dividend is $3.28per share. I purchased 35 shares on July 27 , representing a 4.53% yield,  which adds $114.80 to my annual dividend income. I now own 4 of the Canadian banks in my portfolio.  I own shares in Royal Bank (RY), TD Bank (TD) and Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS).

  Some Second Quarter Highlights
  • Net income of  $1 billion, down 7% from same quarter of 2014
  • EPS of $1.49 per share, down from 7% from the same quarter of 2014
  • ROE of 11.4%, compared to 14.3% from same quarter of 2014
    The stock  on the Toronto Stock Exchange is down 12.01% year to date. My purchase of the shares has come near the lowest price the stock has been trading in 2015.

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The stock trades ex-dividend on July 29 so I qualify for next dividend payment which will be paid August 26. 

Disclosure: Long BMO, RY, TD, BNS

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Every individual should do their due diligence to make their own financial decisions based on their financial situation and tolerance for risk.

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  1. Great purchase IP. At a 4.5 dividend yield, that's a crazy amount of dividends. Happy for your purchase and glad to be a fellow shareholder with you. Keep up the hustle and you'll be happy with this purchase for sure. No doubt about it. Keep hustling hard bud.