Thursday, September 10, 2015

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     During the month of August I decided to add to my Enbridge Inc shares directly through the transfer agent. When purchasing shares this way, I have no control over the purchase price of the shares. I also only have to pay the price of a stamp to mail the check to purchase the shares. There are no commissions.
We transport energy, operating the world's longest, most sophisticated crude oil and liquids transportation system. We have a significant and growing presence in the natural gas transmission and midstream businesses, and an increasing involvement in power transmission.
We generate energy, expanding our interests in renewable and green energy technologies including wind and solar energy and geothermal.
We distribute energy, owning and operating Canada's largest natural gas distribution company, and provide distribution services in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and New York State. (Source :

   On September 1,  I purchased  5.066 shares at a price of $52.31 for a total of $265.00. The dividend is also paid on September 1 also. I owned 7.143 shares prior to the dividend date and was paid a dividend of $3.33. These dividends were reinvested back into the same company. I acquired 0.065 shares at a price of $51.26.

   The price of the DRIP shares is 2% discounted for shares acquired with reinvested dividends. Some brokers do pass this 2% discounted price on to investors while others do not. Other companies have bigger discounts through the transfer agent than this. My shares of Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) is directly through the transfer agent. BNS use to have the a 2% discount on shares purchased with reinvested dividends but have stopped the discount within the last 2 years.


       Enbridge is not an energy producer in terms of crude oil and natural gas. They are involved in the transportation of crude oil and natural gas.  When someone's thermostat kicks in, the company is making money provided the house or building uses energy provided by their pipelines or renewable energy sources. ENB is currently paying a $1.862 per share annual dividend. So the 5.131 shares add $9.55 to my annual divided income.

I also own 33 shares of Enbridge (ENB) in my TFSA.

Disclosure: Long BNS and ENB (all accounts)

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  1. Nice purchase, IP. Ive been looking into ENB as well and am tempted to initiate a position. They sure are everywhere and one of the largest pipeline operators in N.America. Wish I had more free capital. So many companies, so little cash.


    1. R2R,

      Enbridge is definitely a great company to be a shareholder. Last year they raised their dividend by 33%. We all need energy to power our lives and to live comfortable lives. If a person turns a furnace off in Alberta in the middle of January or February, it is not too long before the person is turning it back up. That is the type of company I like being a shareholder in.

  2. Nice purchase. Why did you buy it through a transfer agent?

  3. Tony,

    I bought through the transfer agent as there is no commissions as i just pay for a stamp to mail the check. Also , this is Full drip which means I can get partial shares as the whole dividend is reinvested.

    There is also a 2% discounted on shares with shares repurchased from reinvested dividends.