Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Recent Purchase

     There has been a stock that I have owned from time to time.  When the major acquisition was announced in the last year or so, I cashed out and netted a capital gain about $2950.00.  Tim Horton's was acquired by Burger King in a major leveraged buyout with the help of Warren Buffet.  The company that consists of the two companies, which still operate as their own brands, is know as Restaurant Brands International.
       I recently held the stock, RBI, up to recently.  The dividend is not very high but the dividend is paid in USD although the company is headquartered in Canada.  With a strong USD, every 1 USD buys approximately 1.30 Canadian dollars which makes the dividend yield higher.

     Today, October 14th, I purchased 100 shares at $47.00 for a total cost of $4704.95 including commissions.  This is a lowest price that I have purchased shares of RBI.

      The line ups at Tim Horton's continue to be long. For the average person, it is more economical for them to have Tim Hortons Coffee over McDonald's Coffee or Starbucks. All three of these companies serve more than coffee, but there is more Tim Hortons in Canada than the latter two.  Also 8 out of every 10 cups of coffee bought in Canada is bought at a Tim Hortons.  

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  1. Thanks for sharing your recent buy. I remember when the TH/BK deal went through. Made a lot of noise among our DGI community. Any time you can juice yield with a favorable currency exchange go for it. Who knows how long till USD and CAD are at parity again.