Sunday, December 6, 2015

Dividend Update - November 2015

      The month of November is another month of dividend income landing in my accounts. This money is used to help pay my expenses if it is needed. If the money is not needed, it is ALL used to purchase new investments to further increase my cash flow.

       The price of a barrel of crude oil is currently around $40.00 a barrel.  OPEC doesn't believe if they cut production right now it will have a drastic effect on the price of oil. Well, it surely is not helping the price of oil due to the over supply.  The next meeting of OPEC is in June.

        Currently, there are talks in Paris about climate change.  Here in Canada, the federal liberal government is going to act on climate change.  How will this effect the economy?  They might implement a carbon tax on top of what provinces are currently doing in regards to a carbon tax.  This carbon tax is ultimately passed on to the consumer. As the consumers have less money to spend,  this will be a negative for the economy.

       One this for sure, is that I was paid dividends and distributions for being a shareholder or unit holder in  various companies or funds.

 Non-registered Account
  • Bank of Montreal (BMO) - $28.70
  • Emera Inc. (EMA) - $47.50
  • Enerplus (ERF)  -$ 27.00
  • Killam Properties (KMP)  - $5.75
  • Royal Bank of Canada (RY) - $79.00
  • Shaw Communications (SJR.B)    - $19.75
  • iShares Canadian Divided Select ETF (XDV) - $17.67
  • Boston Pizza  Royalties Fund (BPF.UN)   - $25.34
  • Claymore 1-5 yr Laddered Corporate Bond (ETF) - $0.77
  • Cominar REIT (CUF.UN ) - $5.39 
  • Dream Office REIT   (D.UN)  - $ 25.39
  • Killam Properties (KMP) - $  14.90
Total = $297.16

       Almost made it to $300 in dividend income for a month a third time.  This total represents a 14.02% increase from 3 months ago and 75.26% increase  year over year.

      I also received another distribution payment of $56.00 for my swing trade in Dream Office REIT in my non-registered account. This is not listed above since it is a trade, so I keep the money in the account and do not pay myself first with this payment. I have received $1603.47 in distributions so far on this trade.

      I will update my dividend income tab with the new amount. It is great to see money from passive income sources deposited into my brokerage account every single month.

How was your dividend income for November?

Disclosure : Long all securities above.

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  1. Another impressive month of passive dividend income. Great year over year growth too. Happy to see RY paying you as well as BMO. BMO is on my watch list still but for now I'm content with TD, BNS and RY. Thanks for sharing.

    1. DivHut,

      Thanks for dropping by. I own shares in the 4 banks that you listed. These banks are some of the best run banks in the world. They make lots of profit. A lot of people in Canada like to complain about the amount of profit the banks make, whereas I love being a shareholder so I can receive some of these massive profits in the form of dividends. I even love that they increase their dividends every year.

  2. Keep it up IP. Over 300! That's just gonna only compound to much more wealth. You keep hustling it up and Stay Strong! We're with you on this journey my friend. Cheers!

    1. Dividend Hustler,

      The compounding it great. It starts off slow but when the dividend raises come in and seeing the dividend income grow rapidly, it is a great feeling.