Sunday, February 28, 2016

Covered Call Option in QSR

    During the month of January, I wrote about writing a covered call in QSR.  This covered call expired as the QSR was trading below the strike price of $52.00 at expiration date of Feb 19.  I get to keep the stock and get to keep the option premium.  The annualized return on this covered call was 9.452% annualized or 0.751% for 29 days.  My high interest savings account pays an annual interest of 0.8% right now, which is actually laughable.

     So, I once again decided to write a covered call in QSR.  QSR is the ticker symbol for Restaurant Brands International.  Restaurant Brands International is the parent company that owns Burger King and Tim Hortons.  On February 24, I sold a covered call for $0.50 per contract  at a strike price of $48.00 with an expiration date of March 18, 2016.  So, I received a premium of $39.05 after commissions.


Option Premium including commissions = $39.05
Days to expiration = 24

Return =  $39.05/$4800
            = 0.814%

This represents a return of 0.814% for 24 days.  That is, if the stock is not called away prior to on the option expiration date. 

Annualized Return = .814%/24*365
                               = 12.38%

 I have wrote several covered calls on this stock.

Disclosure:  Long QSR

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