Monday, February 15, 2016

Recent Transactions

   I have held Killiam Properties in both my margin account and TFSA.  On Feb 10, I sold the 115 units of Killiam Properties inside my margin account.  Prior to Jan 2016, Killam Properties was a corporation, which paid a monthly dividend.  This monthly dividend was eligible for the dividend tax credit for Canadians if you are a Canadian citizen.  Killam Properties changed it structure to a REIT, with shareholder approval, to help align itself with other companies in the Real Estate space.  They now pay a distribution.
   I have held this stock for a few years inside the margin account.  The dividend was only raised once , in recent years, as the company seems to be buying a lot of properties due to the low interest rate environment.
   I own units in XDV, which is the iShares Canadian Dividend Select ETF.  As the stock was trading below my cost basis I decided to put money to work.  On Feb 10, I purchased 60 units at a total cost of $1190.61 including commissions.  On Feb 11, I purchased 1 unit of this same ETF at $19.28.  Therefore I now own 300 units of XDV, which pays a monthly distribution.  The commissions consist of ECN fees only as my broker offers commission-free ETFs.

Disclosure:  I own KMP.UN inside TFSA

Disclosure: Long KMP.UN, XDV

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