Thursday, March 3, 2016

Portfolio Update - Feb 2016

    The month of February has come and gone.  There continues to be lots of layoffs in Western Canada due to the low oil prices.  The ripple effect of these layoffs has started all across the country.  Lots of people from other parts of Canada fly back and forth to Alberta to work in the oil patch and companies that service the oil patch.  Why do they do this?  These jobs pay a lot more than a regular job were they live.  The downside for most of these people, is that they spend too much money instead of saving and investing it, and then are stuck flying back and forth out to Western Canada.

    A wrote a post on my dividend income for the month of January. The post detailed my highest ever monthly total of dividend income. This goes to show you the power of compounding, reinvesting dividends and dividend growth investing.  Passing the $400 mark in one month is a great feeling. 

    I wrote about selling another covered call in my margin account in QSR, after one had expired.  I continue to do this has the stock pays a low yield.  As of right now, the price of the stock has shot up higher than the strike price of $48.00.  The covered call expires April 15, 2015.  A cover call allows the seller of the option to collect  a premium up front for being obligated to sell the shares at $48.00, my strike price,  before or at option expiration. The option seller gets to keep the premium regardless if the market goes up, down , or sideways. 

Shares Acquired Though Drip

              4 shares of Enerplus @$3.9959 for a total of $15.98
              1 unit of Dream REIT @ $15.71 for a total of $15.71
              1 unit of Killam Properties REIT @ 10.72 for a total of $10.72.

     As of  Mar 3,  the value of my portfolio stands at $81081.01. This is an increase of  4.91% over last month. I will update my investing account tab above.

Disclosure: Long  all mentioned securities.


I am not a financial planner, financial advisor, accountant or tax attorney. The information on this blog represents my own thoughts and opinions and should be NOT taken as investment or business advice.

Every individual should do their due diligence to make their own financial decisions based on their financial situation and tolerance for risk


  1. Having lived in Alberta before, I know what you mean about people spending their entire $150k salary and having nothing to show for it at the end. It's boggles my mind why they don't save their money; the worst part is that most of them know that the oil industry is cyclical with regular boom and bust periods. They don't plan for it even if it's happened before.

    Far from judging, however, the Canadian education system needs an overhaul -- if anything, we're not teaching people basic finance, and so most don't even know about things like investing and saving... you'd think it was common sense, but it's not. If I knew in my 20s what I knew now, I'd be retired already lol. It's like the powers that be want to keep us poor and on the verge of bankruptcy all of the time...

    Great blog by the way and congrats on passing the $400 mark. It must feel awesome!

    1. GoGoAssets,

      Thanks for stoppingby. Yeah, it is crazy how people live out here. A guy that use to work with me had a BMW with a $1500 a month payment but renting an apartment. My step father used to be a realtor back in Nova Scotia. People who fly back and forth to work here, would by houses there. He would tell them that it is too much money for that house. The response was I have tonnes of money.

      In school, I learned how to read a stock market quote in a newspaper. That was less than 5 minutes. No other financial stuff at all.

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