Friday, April 8, 2016

Dividend Update - March 2016

      The month of March is another month of dividend income landing in my accounts. This money is used to help pay my expenses if it is needed. If the money is not needed, it is ALL used to purchase new investments to further increase my cash flow.

       There is not much change in the price of crude oil.  This has had a drastic effect on the economy in western Canada.  Massive amount of layoffs in the energy sector had started to show ripple effects right across the country. People moving to lower cost of living areas but there are no jobs there to even come close to what they made before.  On top of that, those employers have the attitude "Why hire you, as I know you will go back when the economy picks up".

      One thing for sure, is that I was paid dividends and distributions for being a shareholder or unit holder in  various companies or funds.

 Non-registered Account
  • Canadian National Railway - $14.25
  • Enerplus (ERF)  -$ 16.65
  • Enbridge  (ENB) - $8.12
  • Shaw Communications (SJR.B)    - $19.75
  • iShares Canadian Select Dividend ETF (XDV)- $25.39
  • Boston Pizza  Royalties Fund (BPF.UN)   - $26.91
  • Claymore 1-5 yr Laddered Corporate Bond ETF (CBO)  - $0.69
  • Cominar REIT (CUF.UN ) - $5.39
  • Dream Office REIT   (D.UN)  - $ 17.50
  • Enbridge  (ENB) - $17.49
  • Killam Properties REIT (KMP.UN) - $  15.05
Total = $167.19
        This total represents a 10.45 % increase from 3 months ago and 31% decrease year over year. The decrease year over year was so large as I no longer hold Just Energy, which paid me a large quarterly dividend.

      I also received another distribution payment of $37.50 for my swing trade in Dream Office REIT in my non-registered account. This is not listed above since it is a trade, so I keep the money in the account and do not pay myself first with this payment. I have received $1808.97 in distributions so far on this trade.  Dream REIT has reduced the amount of distribution they pay monthly which was announced in February.

     Due to the ongoing low oil prices, Enerplus has reduced there dividend to $0.12 per year, or $0.01 monthly.  I will continue to drip this stock, an get one new share a month.  Hopefully the company can survive the low oil prices and then begin to pick up some steam. 
      I will update my dividend income tab with the new amount. It is great to see money from passive income sources deposited into my brokerage account every single month.

How was your dividend income for March?

Disclosure : Long all securities above.

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  1. Thanks for sharing IP. Keep up the hustle bud and don't stop.
    Receiving dividends is an awesome feeling. Passive Income is what we all need to build more of. It's great.
    Cheers bud.

  2. Yea I keep seeing a lot of Dividend Investors hurt by Dream Office REIT.

    Keep it up and may the yield never decrease, only increase =P