Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Portfolio Update - March 2016

The month of March has come and gone.  There continues to be lots of layoffs in Western Canada due to the low oil prices.  Lots of companies are closing down and the workers are losing their houses as the mortgage payment in a lot of cases is higher than what they would get from employment insurance.  A lot of oilfield workers do not prepare themselves as they take a lot of trips and buy a lot of toys.

    I wrote a covered call in Toronto Dominion Bank with a $56.00 strike price and an April 15, 2016 expiration date.  I was paid a premium $42.05 after commissions.  As my purchase price is high on this stock with an average price around $55.30, the covered call allows me to collect some money via a premium being paid to me.  If the option is assigned, I will sell a put option with a lower strike price when it is reasonable to do so.  If the option is expires worthless, than I will attempt to write another covered call.

    On March 11, I sold 3 covered calls in the iShares Canadian Dividend Select ETF with a $21.00 strike price and an April 15, 2016 expiration date.  The stock was trading above $21 when I sold the calls.  I was paid a premium of $212.05 after commissions.  These options will look like it will be assigned unless there is a severe market correction in the next 10 days.

 Shares Acquired Though Drip

              3 shares of Enerplus @$4.58 for a total of $13.74
              1 unit of Killam Properties REIT @ $11.25 for a total of $11.25
               0.185 shares of Enbridge @ $43.8919  for a total of $8.12

      I turned off the drips for KMP.UN and Dream REIT inside TFSA.

     As of  April 5,  the value of my portfolio stands at $83552.68. This is an increase of  3.05% over last month. I will update my investing account tab above.

Disclosure: Long  all mentioned securities.


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