Sunday, May 29, 2016

Trading Account Update

     As previously stated on this blog, that I have started a trading account with a balance below $1000.00.   I started to add $50.00 every two weeks but that has stopped due to a recent job loss. 

     My last trade, I experienced a lost.  That is my second loss out of 15 trades.  I had set a stop limit order to sell 750 shares of BTO @ $2.45 a share.  Why a stop limit order and not a regular stop loss order? According to my broker, Canadian Exchanges do not allow stop loss orders in for form of market orders.  So at $2.45 the stop if executed, so you stop limit order becomes a limit order.  Since it was $2.45, that is the lowest price I am willing to sell the 750 shares.  The stock fell to $2.43 and then had to rise back up to have the stop limit order filled $2.45 or higher.

     The price of the stock could of kept falling more and the order would not have been filled.  This is a downside to the Canadian Markets. 

Note:  The trades are listed under the Trading Tab above with all the trades listed as of May 29, 2016

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