Sunday, August 28, 2016

Recent Buy

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  On Aug 23rd of 2016, I purchased 300 shares of IAMGOLD Corporation  at $5.84 a share.  THe total cost of this purchase is $1756.95 including commissions.

 IAMGOLD ( is a mid-tier mining company with four operating gold mines on three continents. A solid base of strategic assets in North and South America and West Africa is complemented by development, and exploration projects and continued assessment of accretive acquisition opportunities. (source:

       I was attempting to sell covered calls with a $6.00 strike price, but the stock fell over the next couple of days.  So I decided to average down.  But I didn't buy additional 300 shares directly.  I sold 3 put contracts with a $5.00 strike price and an expiration date of Sept 16, 2016.  I received a premium of $53.05 after commissions.  If the stock goes sideways or stays above $5.00 at expiration, I keep the premium.  If the option is assigned, I will have bought 300 additional shares at a reduced cost basis.

I will update my investing tab spreadsheet in early September.

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