Thursday, August 4, 2016

Portfolio Update - July 2014

The month of July 2016 is now behind us.  What continues to be the big headline month after month?  The price of a barrel of WTI Crude Oil fell below $40.00.  In Canada and the United States we have stock markets that are at an all time high.  A province in Canada, Alberta, is feeling the full effects of the low oil prices.  We have companies that service the oil patch, who have laid off a large amount of their work force and reduced hours of most of their employees.

On July 27, the initiated a new position in HNY, which is the Horizons Natural Gas Yield ETF.  This purchased was done over two separate purchases on the same day.  I purchased 94 units for a total of $1490.07.  My brokerage offers free commission ETFs, but their were ECN fees of $0.329.  The distribution of this ETF is paid monthly and varies month to month.  July 27 was the ex-dividend date, so I am not eligible for the distribution payment that is paid this month.

Shares Acquired Through DRIPS

0.347633 Shares of BNS.TO @ $65.96 per share.
   As of 4 Aug 2016, the value of the portfolio is  $92717.06  This is a 5.74% increase over last month's total.  The spreadsheet in the investment tab above has been updated.

Disclosure: Long  all mentioned securities.


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