Monday, November 21, 2016

Option Expiration Day - Nov 18

   I recently sold a covered call involving 3 contracts of IAMGOLD (Ticker Symbol IMG) with a strike price of $6.00 and option expiration day of Nov 18, 2016, which you can read about here.  The option has expired and was not assigned. As the seller of the option, I get to keep the premium I received.

   I also sold puts options involving 3 contracts of IMG with a strike price of $5.00 and option expiration day of Nov 18, 2016.  You can read about this transaction here.  I currently owned 300 shares of IMG, so by selling puts I was collecting premium while waiting to buy at my price target.  This option was assigned at the stock price for IMG was trading slightly below $5.00 at expiration. 
My brokerage charges an option assignment fee of $24.95.  So I now own a total of 600 shares.

   IMG does not pay a dividend, so I will be looking to sell all these shares either a direct sell or a covered call in the near future.

Disclosure:  Currently own 600 shares of IMG.

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