Saturday, March 4, 2017

Recent Dividend Increase


      I recently wrote about purchasing 100 shares of TD and then selling a covered call for that stock.   At the time of purchase the annual dividend rate was $2.20 per share.  The purchase was during earnings releases for a majority of companies.

     All the big 5 banks have now released their earnings.  On March 2, TD released their earnings for the recent quarter.  They announced an increase in the annual dividend rate from $2.20 to $2.40 per share.  This represents an increase of 9.09%, which far greater than the rate of inflation.  For the past couple of years TD increases their dividend once a year, whereas the other banks of been increasing their dividend twice a year. The dividend raises of the other big banks over the span of 4 quarters usually represents an yearly increase between 7% to 10%.

    Prior to TD increasing their dividend,  my annual dividend income was increase $220.00. 

    Since I own 100 shares of TD, the dividend increase has raised my annual dividend income by $20.00.  If I was to invest my own money and assuming a 3.5%, it would mean I would have to invest roughly $571.43 of my own money.

Please Note:  My shares were purchased on the Toronto Stock Exchange. TD trades on both the Toronto Stock Exchange and NYSE.

Disclosure:  Long TD

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