Sunday, November 11, 2018

Recent Dividend Increases

      As businesses grow and prosper, we stay along for the ride as investors to reap the rewards.  When we buy and hold stocks, we can  use the income paid out via dividends or distributions any way we like.  The best part is when the dividend or distribution is increased and all you had to do is be a shareholder.

First Raise

On November 6, A&W Royalties Income Fund announced their intention to pay a distribution for the period of October 1 to October 31 for shareholders on record November 15 and to be paid out on November 30.  A&W Royalties Income Fund announced a $0.143 monthly distribution which equates to $1.716 per unit annually. The increase from $1.692 to $1.716 represents an increase of 1.418%.

I currently own 38 units of AW.UN.TO.  This increase adds $0.912  to my annual dividend income.  This increase is the fourth one I received in less than 2 years of being an unit holder and the third increase from A&W Royalties Income Fund this year.

This increase is equivalent to investing $ 26.06 of my own money at 3.5% yield.

Second Raise

I recently purchased shares of Telus Corporation (T.TO) over 2 separate transactions.  Telus is one of the big 3 in Communications space in Canada.  The other 2 companies are Bell Canada Enterprises and Rogers Communications.  A fourth distant company is Shaw Communications.  For disclosure, I own own shares in all four of these companies.

On November 8, Telus released their earnings for the third quarter.   Telus increased their dividend from $0.545 from $0.525 quarterly, or from $2.10 to $2.18 per share per year. Telus has been increasing the dividend semi-annually over the pass several years.  This most recent increase represents an increase of 3.81%.

I currently own 124 shares of Telus, so this increase adds $9.92 to my annual dividend income.

This increase is equivalent of investing $283.43 of my own money at 3.5% yield.

Disclosure: Long T.TO, AW.UN.TO

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  1. Over $10 of extra annual dividend income! SWEET. Enjoy the extra cash


    1. Bert,

      Thanks for dropping by. Gotta love getting raises just for being a shareholder. Every bit of extra dividends is a blessing.

  2. nice pursuit.

    We share the telus raise. I missed the boat on a&w awhile back. The stock has done very well.

    enjoy the raises.