Friday, January 3, 2020

Dividend Income Update : December 2019

The month of December 2019 is another month of dividend income landing in my accounts. Recently, I switched my pay yourself first model to concentrate a little on debt repayment.  The interest on debt is 7.16% plus the insurance on the debt.  I currently pay myself 10% of income from job(s) and non-registered accounts to my TFSA.  The TFSA income is staying within the account.  I will deviate the 10% to savings account instead of to TFSA if a large expense comes up like a dental appointment. 

Note:  All the dividends and totals below are in Canadian Dollars. 
 Non-registered Accounts 
  • Cineplex (CGX) - $24.00
  • Enbridge (ENB) - $19.40  (transfer agent)
  • Enbridge (ENB) - $221.40 (margin account)
  • Enerplus (ERF)  -$ 5.58
  • Inter Tape Polymer Group (ITP) - $9.71
  • Shaw Communications (SJR.B)  - $19.75
Subtotal : $299.84

  • A&W Royalties Income Fund (AW.UN) - $6.04
  • Boston Pizza Royalties Income Fund   (BPF.UN) - $26.91
  • Brookfield Renewable Partners LP (BEP.UN) - $21.92
  • Canadian National Railway (CNR) - $20.43
  • Cominar REIT (CUF.UN) - $26.64
  • Enbridge (ENB) - $24.35
  • Killam Properties REIT (KMP.UN) - $16.61
Subtotal: $142.90

Total = $442.74

 I received a total of $442.74 in dividend income for the month of December 2019.  This represents a 5.23% increase from 3 months ago and 7.49% decrease year over year.  

 The increase of 5.23% from 3 months ago was due to increasing my position in Cineplex Inc  and Cominar REIT paying distributions twice in the middle and end of the month.  Cineplex is currently in the process of being taking over by UK company called Cineworld.  Cineworld is offering $34 per share and to assume the all the debt and is subjected to Cineplex shareholder approval and regulatory approval.  

 The decrease of 7.49% year over year is due to the call option assignment of WestJet Airlines (WJA.TO) and the sale High Liner Foods (HLF.TO) which is offset by the increase in Cineplex dividend. 

 I received dividend / distribution income from 11 different companies.   

  I received $0.00 in option premiums within my investment accounts in December 2019.

I received a total of $4998.20 in dividends in 2019.  This is a 4.23% increase over the $4795.39 received for all of 2018.  I take money out of my margin account and allocate some of the margin account dividends to savings or TFSA via pay yourself first.  I did not do any withdrawals from my TFSA.  I am been paying down debt and trying to build my savings, so the portfolio contributions have trailed the contributions for savings.   

The increase for 2020 in its entirety will be much larger even with out adding a single penny to the accounts. 

I will update my dividend income tab with the new amount.  I will include my option premium income also.  It is great to see money from passive income sources deposited into my brokerage account every single month.

How was your dividend income for December 2019?

Disclosure : Long all mentioned securities except HLF.TO and WJA.TO

I am not a financial planner, financial advisor, accountant or tax attorney. The information on this blog represents my own thoughts and opinions and should NOT be taken as investment or business advice.

Every individual should do their due diligence to make their own financial decisions based on their financial situation and tolerance for risk.


  1. IP -

    Nice job! Loving your Shaw communications dividend? I've been looking at them lately.


    1. Lanny,

      Thanks for dropping by. Shaw has not increased their dividend since March 2015. This is for a few reasons.

      (1) They owned shares in Corus Entertainment which was not a good investment.

      They teamed up with Rogers Communications in Canada to launch Shomi, which was an online streaming service to complete with Netflix. I believe this was only for their own customers. It was shut down as not enough people signed up.

      (3) Bought Wind Mobile in Canada, which later been renamed to Freedom Mobile. This is their start in the wireless sector. The is a discount wireless carrier with exposure in large cities. They are trying to expand this, so this will likely mean no dividend increases in the near future.

  2. nice pursuit a great income and absolute monster payout from enbridge! haha

    Gotta love it, keep it up

    1. Passivecanadian,

      Enbridge is definitely by biggest position spread across 3 accounts. Grateful to receive every dollar of dividend income that comes my way. Looking forward to receiving the ENB dividend come March, which will include the most recent dividend raise.