Monday, April 5, 2021

Dividend Income Update - March 2021


The month of March 2021 is another month of dividend income landing in my accounts. Recently, I switched my pay yourself first model once again.   The interest on debt is 7.16% 5.66% plus the insurance on the debt. The decrease in the interest rate is a result of emergency rate cuts by the Bank of Canada over the COVID19 pandemic.  

Starting the beginning of January 2021.  I am paying myself 30%.  This will consist of 15% to investing, 12% to debt, and 3% to savings.   I am treating paying debt as paying myself first, to insure I am actually doing it. If I try to pay down debt after spending money on expenses, I might not get the debt paid off in a reasonable time.  I am hoping I can keep this up! 
Note: All the dividends and totals below are in Canadian Dollars.

Non-registered Accounts 
Enbridge (ENB) - $21.95  (Transfer Agent)
Enbridge (ENB) - $250.50 
Enerplus (ERF)  - $7.48
Inter Tape Polymer (ITP) - $23.55
Shaw Communications (SJR.B) - $19.75

Subtotal : $323.23


A&W Royalties Income Fund  (AW.UN) - $5.13
Boston Pizza Royalties Income Fund (BPF.UN) - $16.25
Brookfield Renewable Partners LP (BEP.UN) - $29.90
Brookfield Renewable Partners Corporation (BEPC) - $4.55
Canadian National Railway (CNR) - $23.37
Cominar REIT (CUF.UN) -    $6.84
Enbridge (ENB) - $27.56
Fortis Inc (FTS)  - $8.59
Killam Properties REIT (KMP.UN)    - $17.11

Subtotal: $139.30

Total = $462.53

I received a total of $462.53 in dividend income for the month of March 2021.  This represents a 1.639% increase from 3 months ago and 6.76% increase year over year. 

I received dividend / distribution income from  12 different companies. 

I received $0.00 in option premiums within my investment accounts in March  2021.

Below is a visual of my dividend totals for the last 5 years.

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Most of my dividend income comes from my margin account. 

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Next, I will show the percentage of total income for each position.

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The dividend from Fortis is for 17 shares.  My recent purchase of Fortis inside my TFSA occurred after the ex-dividend date.   

I will update my dividend income tab with the new amount. I will include my option premium income also. It is great to see money from passive income sources deposited into my brokerage account every single month.

Note: Any activity in my RRSP account is not included in these totals. 

How was your dividend income for March 2021?

Disclosure : Long all mentioned securities


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  1. Congratulations on your $462.53 for your March income ! �� Keep saving and investing you are on the good path! ���� #dividendinvesting #dividendincome

  2. Looks like a great month of dividend income. The important thing is to see that long term growth. In the beginning the slow growth is not very noticeable, but eventually it becomes too big to ignore. And it's good to see your interest rate has gone down. Are you seeing any good opportunities lately to earn some option premiums? Keep it up. :)

    1. Liquid,

      The amount of money to add to the brokerage accounts is a lot less than I like to be contributing. I have not taken any money out in several months, which is a great help.

      Not seeing any great opportunities on the option front. In RRSP, the Fortis covered call should be assignment as the strike price is $54 and the stock is currently trading around $55.