Saturday, August 6, 2022

Portfolio Update - July 2022

 The month of July 2022 is now behind us.

The effects of COVID19 on the economy is still a major thing effecting the economy.  We are still in a pandemic, although a lot of places have relaxed or eliminated all the public health restrictions.  We currently have lock downs in China amid arise in COVID19 cases in Asia.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is still the major topic in the news.  The prices of fuel remains high in across the world. In Canada, some of the provinces has provided relief at the pumps and on the electricity bills.  

In September 2022, the Conservative Party of Canada will elect a new leader.  This might effect the markets depending on who is elected.  Currently right now, Pierre Poilievre, is the runner.   

The stock market is dropping as fears of a recession are taken hold across the world.  I believe we are in a recession or just about to start one.   

With a recession , we see the stress on people's faces as the threat of layoffs increases.  As we have seen with COVID 19, no job is safe.  

Portfolio Activity

Margin Account Activity

There is no activity in this account in July 2022.  The dividends have remain in the account.

The Bank of Nova Scotia position with the transfer agent paid out a dividend.  That dividend is 100% reinvested into the same position.

TFSA Activity

On July 13, I decided to add to my position in TD Bank.  I purchased 26 shares at $78.65 for a total cost of $2049.94 including commissions. Currently, TD Bank (TD.TO) pays a dividend of $0.89CAD per share quarterly, or $3.56CAD per share annually.  The yield on cost for this 4.52%.  

This purchase adds $92.56 CAD to my annual dividend income.  

Shares Purchased Via DRIP

1 unit  of BPF.UN.TO @ $15.33 for a total cost of $15.33 (TFSA)

1 share of QSR.TO @ $51.337US ($66.90 CAD) for a total cost of $66.90 (TFSA)

1 unit of KMP.UN @ $16.64 for a total cost of $16.64 (TFSA)

3 shares of AQN.TO @ $13.44US (17.5067 CAD) for a total cost of $52.52CAD (TFSA)

0.889135 shares of BNS.TO @ $77.2211 for a total cost of $68.66 (Transfer Agent)

Boston Pizza Royalties Income Fund pays a distribution of $0.085 per unit monthly, or $1.02 per unit annually.  This drip adds $1.02 CAD  to my annual dividend income.  The yield on cost for this DRIP is 6.65%.

Restaurant Brands International (QSR.TO) pays dividend of $0.54USD per share quarterly, or $2.16 USD per share annually.  This drip adds $2.16USD to my annual dividend income.  The equivalent annual dividend in Canadian dollars is $2.7930528 at the time of the writing.   The yield on cost using the Canadian dollar equivalent for this DRIP is 4.38%.

Killam Properties REIT pays a distribution of $.058333 per unit monthly, or $0.70 per unit annually. This drip adds $0.70 CAD to my annual dividend income.  The yield on cost for this drip is 4.21%.

Algonquin Power and Utilities pays a dividend of $0.1808 USD per share quarterly, or $0.7232 USD per share annually.  This drip adds $2.1696 USD to my annual dividend income.  This is equivalent to $2.81 in Canadian dollars at the time of this writing.  The yield on cost using the Canadian dollar equivalent for this drip is 5.34%.

Bank of Nova Scotia pays a quarterly dividend of $1.03 CAD per share quarterly, or $4.12 CAD per share annually.  This drip adds $3.66 CAD to my annual dividend income.  The yield on cost is 5.34%
I have some other positions with the DRIP turned on, but might not have enough of a dividend to purchase a whole share. 

My Enbridge position directly with the transfer agent is set up to DRIP.  Around November 2018, Enbridge stopped their DRIP program.  If Enbridge decides to start a DRIP, then my shares will start to DRIP again automatically.  

Please note that if some brokerages DRIP shares when there is no DRIP program by the actual company. This DRIP is when the brokerage buys the shares directly off the public market stock exchanges. 

Dividend Increases

There were no dividend increases announced in July  2022. 

Dividend Decreases

There were no dividend decreases announced in July 2022.  


As of August 6, 2022 , the total value of the portfolio is $178362.95 . This is a 5.01% increase over last month's total.  

The portfolio is estimated to produce an estimated $7230.38 dividend income over the next 12 months. This is an increase of $106.55  CAD , or 1.496%. Some of the dividends in the Canadian stocks section are paid in US dollars, which are converted to Canadian dollars.

Please Note: Positions in Enerplus Corporation (ERF.TO), Restaurant Brands International (QSR.TO) , Intertape Polymer Group (ITP.TO), Brookfield Renewables Corporation (BEPC.TO), and Algonquin Power and Utilities (AQN.TO)  pay dividends in US dollars. Brookfield Renewables Partners (BEP.UN) pays distributions in US dollars. My investment tab spreadsheet displays the Canadian dollar equivalent within 15 to 20 minutes of real time. 

Note: Dividend increases or decreases announced in December 2021 will be mentioned in next portfolio update.  The spreadsheet will be updated to reflect any corresponding increases or decreases at that time. 

Disclosure: Long aforementioned stocks


I am not a financial planner, financial advisor, accountant or tax attorney. The information on this blog represents my own thoughts and opinions and should NOT be taken as investment or business advice. Every individual should do their due diligence to make their own financial decisions based on their financial situation an
d tolerance for risk.

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