Saturday, April 12, 2014

Recent Trade - Sale

In a recent trade, I purchased 100 shares of Boston Pizza Royalties Income Fund, which you can read about here. The fund (BPF.UN) makes money as a percentage of gross sales. The fund has only administrative expenses and payment on debt. The fund does not receive the entire 100% percent of the royalties paid from the franchises.

I recently sold this position of 100 shares at $20.42 a share.

Cost : 2014.95 including commissions
Sale :  2037.05 including commissions
Profit : $22.10
ROI :   1.10 %

This is a very small return but I will take $22.10 over nothing or a loss.

Disclosure: I am still long BPF.UN in my TFSA, which I have owned since March 2010.


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