Friday, April 25, 2014

Weekend Reading April 25th

Another work week has been completed.  Some interesting news out this week in regards to Canada's railroads. The two companies are Canadian National Railway (ticker symbol : CNR) and Canadian Pacific Railway (Ticker Symbol: CP).  The government has brought in new rules for the railways for shipping dangerous goods (mostly crude oil) after the horrific train accident in Lac-Magentic, Quebec in July 2013. The old rail cars, known as DOT-111 cars, are highly succeptable to puncturing and leakage. In less than 30 days from today, these rail cars will be prohibited in Canada. Rail cars made after 2011, are better designed and are known as CPC 1232. Cars will have to meet this minimum standard in a few years time.
Some interesting posts from other financial bloggers to read this weekend :

Liquid Independence has an interest article about Money Perception Over Time.  I agree with him that I look at money different then was I was a youngster.

Dividend Mantra talks about sacrifice  of living below means in this great  article. Dividend Mantra is living below his means so he will have freedom from working all his life. I agree with him in regards making sacrifices today for a better tomorrow by living below my means.. The put a lot of money into savings and investing to have my money work for me over having material things right now.

Dividend Stock Fish had an interesting article from a few months ago. In this article, there is a video about How the economy works. The video is an interesting video about how the economy actually works.

The Passive Income Earner has a good article about having 50k Ready to Invest. By transferring his RRSPs to an RRSP account where he can purchase dividend paying companies directly allows him or her to have better control over his finances.

An interesting video by Bill Ackman on everything you need to know about finance and investing in less than an hour in this video. Bill Ackman is CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management.

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