Saturday, August 29, 2015

Dividend Increases

    Last week, the Canadian banks reported their earnings for the most recent quarter. The Canadian banks are some of the best banks in the world.  I currently own shares in 4 of these wonderful businesses.

    RBC Royal Bank
 On Wednesday, Royal Bank of Canada (ticker symbol : RY) reported their earnings.  Royal Bank announced a dividend increase of $0.02 per quarter. This is the second time in the last 12 months Royal Bank has raised its dividend.  The last time it raised its dividend was for $0.02 per quarter also.  They raised their annual dividend by $0.16 per share which represents a increase of 5.33 % {$0.16/$3.00}. With the low price of oil and lowering of interest rates by the Bank of Canada, I will definitely welcome this raise.

  On Friday, Bank of Nova Scotia (ticker symbol: BNS) reported their earnings and announced a dividend increase of $0.02 per quarter  as well.  This is the second time in the last 12 months that Bank of Nova Scotia has raised its dividend as it raised it by $0.02 per share previously. Therefore, they raised their annual dividend by $0.16 per share which represents a 6.06% increase {$0.16/$2.64}.  Bank of Nova Scotia also owns Tangerine Bank, which is an online bank where individuals can bank and not pay any fees.

    I own shares of Bank of Nova Scotia directly though its transfer agent. I do not have to pay commissions to acquire more shares as I just mail in a check.  The disadvantage of this way of purchasing stocks, is that I have no control over what my purchase price will be.  I am also dripping this stock in which the complete dividend gets reinvested.

Disclosure:  Long RY and BNS

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  1. Congrats on the raises, IP. Gotta love those regular raises coming from the Cdn banks.


    1. R2R,

      Thanks for dropping by. I will gladly take the regular raises when they come.

  2. Nice post! Just in time, I've bought both RY and BNS :). I know the canadian dollars vs the us has decreased recently. If the economy pick up, Canada will move closer to the dollar. I'll instantly make 30% :) That's one of the reason to long Canadian banks, but in the meanwhile, I'm enjoy the dividend increase. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Vivianne,

      Great way to make approximately 30%.

      A stock I own up here in Canada, QSR, reports in US dollars and the dividend is report in US dollars. So after the exchange rate conversion my dividend is even more.

    2. Man, I didn't realize you have even more of an edge over me being paid in canadian dollars. That's it! I'm moving! haha. I sure hope Canadian's economy does well.


  3. What's not to like about any dividend raise? Happy shareholder of both BNS and RY and think that it's amazing that raises can still be made during a tough financial climate in Canada. Says a lot about the companies and management.