Friday, August 14, 2015

Recent Trade

    Last month, I wrote about an option trade in Toronto Dominion Bank. I purchased 3 contracts on July 14 and quickly sold these in less than 48 hours on July 16. I got a good return on this investment.

    On Aug 13, I decided to try a trade again in Toronto Dominion Bank.  I bought 3 Sept 18, 2015 call option contracts for a $52.00 strike for a premium of $345.00 excluding commissions inside my TFSA.


Initial Investment including commissions = 3*100*$1.15+ $12.95
                                                                    = $357.95

Currently, Toronto Dominion Bank is trading at $52.05 on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Disclosure: own 100 shares of TD in margin account

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  1. Interesting move, IP. I remember your last trade in TD and that was a neat profit in just 48 hrs. I have burned my hands trading options in the past and realized that I dont know much and need to learn more. Watching your trades in real time gives me some perspective.
    Thanks for sharing