Thursday, August 27, 2015

Recent Trade Update

A few weeks ago, I initiated a trade involving Toronto Dominion Bank.  I purchased 3 call option contracts with a September 18 expiration date. You can read about this purchase here.

When the big drop that happened in the markets,  I decided to exit my position. So on Aug 24, I placed a limit order $0.03 higher than the bid price to sell my 3 contracts. This trade took place inside my TFSA.


Initial Investment including commissions = 3*100*1.15+$12.95
                                                                   = $357.95

Proceeds of Sale = 3*100*$.38-$12.95
                            = $101.05

Return on Investment = ($101.05-$357.95)/$357.95
                                    = -71.77%

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In full disclosure, I still own 100 shares of TD in my margin account which I owned for months now.

Disclosure: Long TD


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  1. That sucks IP, any reason why you wouldn't have considered selling 1 contract against the 100 shares you hold in the margin account instead? You keep the premium that way (I think of it as an extra dividend).

    1. Daniel Austin,

      I do consider from time to time selling covered calls in TD and RY. As my entry point is high, the premium collected will reduce the cost basis. Unfortunately, I do not have the limit orders on for this all the time so I sometimes miss out on a market rally.

      I actually had limit order in for a covered call in TD a little while ago for October 2015 expiration but not got filled as the market fell.