Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dividend Increase

I am invested in Enbridge in 2 accounts. Enbridge is a company headquarted in Calgary, Alberta Canada and employs around 10000 people in Canada and the United States.  Enbridge is involved in distribution of energy. transportation of energy and generation of energy. 
   In 1949, a pipleline was envisioned to carry Leduc crude to refineries in Regina, Saskatchewan. Enbridge eventually expanded across western Canada and into the United States. Since 1949, Enbridge was awarded shareholders with about average annual return of 13%.

Enbridge recently announced a dividend increase of 11% starting March 31, 2014. The Dividend History shows the increase in dividends over time.  My dividend income from Enbridge increases and I did absolutely nothing but own some shares. I will take increases like this to my income and be grateful.

 My non-registered shares of Enbridge are owned through a transfer agent. This is a true DRIP so all my dividend income received is reinvested to purchase fractional shares. So my money is working harder and harder for me with each dividend payment.

Disclosure : Long ENB


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