Monday, December 16, 2013

Recent Trade

I recently purchased shares in a high tech company that is struggling. The company is Blackberry Ltd.  Blackberry, formerly Research in Motion, is  a high-tech company headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario. The company signature product is Blackberry, a smart phone. Unlike their competition, Blackberry as a keypad instead of a touch screen.

Blackberry is supposedly a better secure phone than the competitors. The company is currently struggling as Apple and Android have more apps then Blackberry does. Blackberry was a very profitable company just a few years back.

I recently purchased 500 shares at $6.25 on the Toronto Stock Exchange. My plan with this stock was to do a quick trade. Today, my sell order went through at $6.60 for a profit of approximately  $165.00 after commissions.


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  1. That's a great trade :) Congrats. I still have 50 shares. Wish I had sold mine when you did yours.
    I was going to buy the Q10 because I like the keyboard, but it's kind of expensive at the moment.

    1. I got out with a good return. I am able to open my brokerage account at work as news, newspapers, and brokerages are blocked. I basically place a limit order of my exit point.

      I was shocked to see it rise today that much. I expect it too fall on Dec 21, 2013 though.

  2. Replies
    1. Amanda,

      I have already sold my position. It was a trade. When I purchased the stock, I immediately put in a limit order to sell it and the sell order was filled at $6.60.

      In the past I traded this stock a few times in the past. The company is not doing well at all so don't own it as investment.

  3. Oh wow!
    I think that is a very risky investment!
    I know, that a manager from SAP (Germany) will lead the company in the future...

    But against apple and samsung? Android and iOS?

    Good luck with your investment.
    I hope, you are right!

    Best regards

    1. Dividenden-Sammler,

      This position was a trade. When I purchased my shares, I already had an exit strategy. I tried to sell $6.00 covered calls but was unsuccessful in finding a buyer after a couple of days. So I placed my limit order to sell and, after a few more days, the order got filled.

  4. Trading can be good I do it all the time... nice when you make a few hundred profit!!...

    Hey Investing Pursuits,
    Enjoy your blog! I signed up for email alerts... hey one thing I like the BLOG roll you have I changed my name so if you update the link that would be cool.