Sunday, January 24, 2016

Another Covered Call

    On January 15, I had 3 covered calls expire.   These covered calls were in TD Bank, Royal Bank, and Restaurant Brands International.

     The option premiums for the strike price I am looking are low for TD and RY. I looked out for several months.  The price of Restaurants Brands International is very volatile.  On January 21, I wrote a covered call for a premium of  $0.50 per contract. Since a contract represents a hundred shares, that is a premium of $50.00 excluding commissions.


Option Premium including commissions = $39.05
Days to expiration = 29

Return =  $39.05/$5200
            = 0.751%

This represents a return of 0.75% for 29 days. Currently, my bank account pays 0.80% per year interest and I made 0.75% return in less than a month.  That is, if the stock is not called away prior to on the option expiration date. 

Annualized Return = .751%/29*365
                               = 9.452%

Disclosure : Long QSR , RY, TD

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