Saturday, January 2, 2016

Portfolio Update - December 2015

    This was a slow month for me in terms of activity on the blog.  On Dec 24, I wrote about a new covered call in Restaurant Brands International (TICKER SYMBOL QSR).  My last covered call expired worthless so I decided to write another covered call to collect more option premium. Also during the month, a wrote a covered call in TD with a $56.00 strike price. It was difficult to find premium to write this call.  It would of been a lot easier if Interactive Brokers was my broker. If this TD call option gets assigned then my proceeds of sale with be slightly less than $5600.  I wrote a covered call a long time ago in this position that expired worthless.

    On Dec 31, I wrote about recent buy in Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) in my margin account.  The stock is currently trading near a 52 week low and a yield of near 5%.  BNS is one of the big 5 banks in Canada, which are often regarded as the best banks in the world.  I also own BNS directly with the transfer agent and participate in a full drip.

    On January 1, I wrote about a recent buy in my tax free savings account.  Enerplus is an energy producer that is feeling the pain of low oil and natural gas prices.  They have operations in Canada and the United States.  I also own shares of ERF inside my margin account.

        As of  Jan 2  2016, the value of my portfolio stands at $78,267.63. This is an decrease of  3.18% over last month. I will update my investing account tab above.

Disclosure: Long  QSR, BNS, ERF, ENB, D.UN,KMP

EDIT  (Jan 3 2015) :    I acquired more shares through DRIPs in 4 different companies and purchased more shares in one of these specific companies.
              3 shares of Enerplus @$4.68 for a total of $14.04
              1 unit of Dream REIT @ $17.12 for a total of $17.12
              1 share of Killiam Properties @ $10.44 for  a total $10.44
              0.122 shares of Enbridge @ $46.84 for a total of $5.71 

I also purchased 2.929 shares of Enbridge at a cost of $47.80 per share directly through the transfer agent. This was for a total cost of $140.00 as there are zero commissions.  The out of pocket expense is basically the cost of a stamp to mail the check.


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  1. Keep it up IP. Logging your efforts and staying focused on this path will only get your portfolio to greater heights. Don't stop and keep the consistency going.
    Happy New year bud and Take care. All the best my friend.

    1. Dividend Hustler,

      Thanks for dropping by. I had to update this post as I forgot to post some things, which are positive. I acquired more shares through drips and some more shares in a dividend growth stock. How could I forget those? These new acquistions means more dividend income in my future.