Sunday, January 31, 2016

Portfolio Update - Jan 2016

    During the month of January at had 3 covered calls expire worthless on Jan 15.  That means I keep the stock and the premium.  I decided to try write covered calls again on the 3 stocks, which are RY, TD and QSR.  I was only lucky in writing one covered call.  The stock price of RY and TD had fallen a lot. Therefore the option premiums have been real small for my desired strike price.  On Jan 21, I wrote another covered call in QSR and collected a premium of $39.05 after commissions. 

    The price of oil fell below $30 dollars a barrel.  This has caused a lot of worry in the Canadian Stock Market causing the prices of energy stocks to go even lower.  Western Canada needs oil around $60 - $70 a barrel.  There continues to be layoffs in Western Canada.  The low price of oil is going to affect the entire country this year as the ripple effect of the layoffs will be more noticeable this year.  The amount of layoffs in the Alberta oil patch is the worse amount of layoffs since 1982.  The workers are having a difficult time trying to find other work as the jobs will often be know where near what they were paid before.

    A wrote a post about people opinions towards the banks. The banks in Canada have profits between 1 to 2 billion each per quarter.  The average person likes to complain that the banks make too much earnings.  As an investor, I would rather take advantage of these record profits by owning shares.  The shares I own will pay me dividends and increasing dividends over time.

   On January 2, I wrote about a recent sale inside my TFSA of shares of ERF. I decided to buy more shares again inside the TFSA for this, but forgot to write about it.  I acquired 160 shares again of ERF, but a cost of $4.40 per share.

Shares Acquired Though Drip

              5 shares of Enerplus @$3.2664 for a total of $16.33
              1 unit of Dream REIT @ $17.12 for a total of $17.12

    I was dripping shares of Killiam Properties (KMP) inside my TFSA.  However, during the month KMP switched from a corporation structure to a REIT structure.  There was no reinvestment on the payout.  I am also dripping Bank Of Nova Scotia directly with the transfer agent.  The dividend was paid a few days ago, the I will not know the number of shares acquired and at what price the reinvestment occurred until sometime next week.

    In a few days I will post my dividend income for January.  It was a great month for collecting dividend income.

     As of  Jan 31st,  the value of my portfolio stands at $77286.36. This is an decrease of  1.254% over last month. I will update my investing account tab above.

Disclosure: Long  QSR , BNS, ERF, D.UN,KMP.UN, RY, TD


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