Friday, January 1, 2016

Recent Buy

            The oil and gas sector continues to feel the pinch as the price of a barrel of crude oil is below $40 a barrel currently.  Enerplus is a stock that I have held for a while.  They are a energy producer that has assets in Western Canada and the United States.   Enerplus is not immune to low oil prices, which has affected their bottom line and the price of their stock.
 Established in 1986, Enerplus is a North American energy producer with a portfolio of high-quality oil and gas assets in resource plays that offer significant organic growth potential. We are focused on creating value for our investors through the successful development of our properties and a monthly dividend to our shareholders. We are a responsible developer of resources that strives to provide investors with a competitive return comprised of both growth and income.(Source:
     On Dec 29, I purchased 160 shares of ERF at $4.72 a share inside my TFSA.  I do not plan on holding this position, inside my TFSA, for a long duration of time.   

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     Enerplus currently pays a monthly dividend of  $0.03 per share. Therefore, my yield on cost is 7.57%.  So I will gladly accept this yield while waiting for the price of the stock to go up.

 I will update my investing tab spreadsheet in a few days to reflect this addition:

Disclosure: Long ERF inside my margin account

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