Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Recent Sale

    I recently wrote about buying an energy company inside my TFSA, which you can read about here.  The company has fallen on hard times due to the low price of a barrel of crude oil for the past year.  With the price of the stock low I decide to try to profit a small amount.  Enerplus pays a monthly dividend, but I bought on the ex-dividend date. So I will not be receiving the dividend near the middle of January inside my TFSA.
    On January 4th, I sold the stock for a small profit. The sell price was $5.02 per share, which was filled when the stock price reached my limit price.


ACB = $760.71
Sell Price = $5.02 per share
# of shares= 160
Proceeds of sale including commissions = $798.04

Profit = $798.04-$760.71
          =  $37.33

Return = $37.33/$760.71
            = 4.91%

Disclosure: Long ERF (in margin account)


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  1. Hey IP,

    Well that was a quick sale! Congrats on your return, a very decent percentage there.

    Best of luck,

  2. Not bad. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a neat profit when you can get it, especially when its tax free and involving an oil company these days. :)